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First Class Products + First Class Training + First Class Support = Success

It is a well known fact that the better the training attached to Licences, the bigger and better the opportunity created.
You will see from the wealth of information available that Noble Manhattan provides initial and continual support throughout the organisation; from students and clients through to our business partners in all spheres.
With each Licenced Partner package a Training/Induction/Support package is automatically attached.
This thorough Training, held at a UK location or on site with Licensees covers every single aspect of Licenses and covers the following:

  • The Structure of Noble Manhattan, the people and how you fit in
  • The History of Coaching and affiliated technologies, and Noble Manhattan
  • The Values of the organisation
  • The individual Products and Services, in detail – including the target market, the content, and costings and profit margins
  • Marketing and Sales – how we work together to ensure success
  • Comprehensive marketing intelligence – including free or low cost virtual marketing
  • How to Plan your business and work hand in hand with Noble Manhattan
  • The support you will receive from Day One
  • How and when Head Office will provide you with prospects to help you build your business success
  • And much much more…..

Put in the simplest terms, your success is our success – you can count on us from Day One to motivate and train you and your team – find out more by clicking here