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Our Partnership program offers you the ability to fit into any one of 4 different options, ensuring that you build the business that suits your needs, aims and goals.

A quick overview is given (on the right), but for a full explanation and to discuss your future business success please contact us and we will be pleased to contact you to answer all your questions and provide further information.

This leading position is built on a Turn Key business package – which includes:

  • Total control of revenue stream
  • Generous profit margins on all products and services
  • Exclusive territorial rights (Country or Region)
  • Rights to market and to sell all products and services
  • Total control of all product delivery, or with NMC support if desired.
  • Support in generating low cost marketing campaigns to generate sales.
  • Clear expansion structure by appointing Distributors and Regional Sales Executives.
  • Income from sub-Distributors/Sales Executives
  • Regular hot leads from HQ marketing to boost sales
  • Profit from key events such as Introduction Days
  • Immediate access to all new developments in Noble Manhattan
  • Full 24-7 support and guidance
  • Flexible Financial Options to purchase Licence

When you make the commitment to purchase a Country or Regional License, you will step into a privileged position in the Noble Manhattan ‘family’.

The global success of our Brand enables you to build a highly profitable business. Using our existing success platform you can concentrate on the set up, sales, marketing and securing of business.  This model is already a proven success and will suit those looking for a substantial full time business – our selection process is rapid and we can offer flexible payment terms on the License fee as we are keen to enter new markets.  This key position includes an intensive training package, designed to kick start your success.

We can offer highly motivated individuals or teams the opportunity to exclusively sell and market Noble Manhattan products and services into their chosen territory. Over time, you can choose to upgrade to a Licensee position – based on achievements – or you may work alongside an existing Licensee – reaping the benefits of their marketing strategy and branding.

The Distributor package includes:

  • Total control of revenue stream
  • Generous profit margins on all products and services
  • Exclusive rights to a territory
  • The opportunity to market and sell the most popular Noble Manhattan products and services
  • Full backup and support
  • Profit from events
  • Income from Sales Executives/Ambassadors directly recruited
  • Flexible financial options

This Partner position is ideal for those who are enthusiastic about the Noble Manhattan vision and range of exceptional products and services, and keen to run a business unit shaped around our leading brand and reputation. Operating as a sole trader, leader of a team, partnership or incorporated business you can exploit local markets and earn substantial income directly related to your efforts and skills. The modest fee charged to Distributors includes an intensive training, materials and full support in helping to generate sales leads.

Perhaps you are fortunate enough to be running your own business which may or may not be in the field of coaching, but at the moment you don’t sell coach training courses.

  • You have a good database of contacts or marketing outlet and would like to maximize your income potential. Then being a Strategic Partner is the ideal solution. You can join our growing team of Strategic Partners and enjoy additional income with very little effort.
  • You will benefit from the comprehensive business structure and staffing of Noble Manhattan who can take care of all finance, sales and administrative tasks whilst you actively promote the fabulous NM products which you feel most suited to compliment your current business, area of interest or client bank.
  • You will receive a thorough induction of the NM courses in addition to help, support and
  • guidance in developing marketing strategies as simple or complex as you wish. It may be a simple link on your website or a comprehensive direct marketing plan.
  • Additionally, you can participate in the revenue from special events such as Introduction  Days
  • In some cases, you will have the additional support of your local Distributor – and by  combining your skills and enthusiasm with local support and our leading brand you can earn a healthy income.
  • For some Strategic Partners there will be a desire to ‘upgrade’ to become a Distributor or Master License holder and we welcome your ideas and input at every stage.

The success of Noble Manhattan to date has been based on the commitment and dedication of those ‘in the field’ and you would be made to feel very welcome and supported as one of the NM ‘family’.

Many coaches, students and ‘friends’ of Noble Manhattan enjoy regular rewards by simply promoting our leading products and courses.

We carefully track introductions made and offer commission bonuses and course credits as a ‘thank you’ to all of our Ambassadors in all countries who do such great work by talking to individuals and companies on a regular basis.  Being a valued Ambassador keeps you up to speed with Noble Manhattan developments and sharpens your skills and creates great contacts for both coaching and associated work.  It’s fun and informative.

We invite you to become a Ambassador for NM. This is an opportunity to use your skills, knowledge and sense of giving and work with a like-minded group to contribute to the long term wellbeing of individuals, communities and beyond. It is also a chance for you to become filled with inspiration and fulfilment and most likely grow yourself and your business.

Why become a Local Ambassador?

  • You might be inspired to be part of something bigger, or enjoy inspiring others. You may be looking for an outlet to give back to the people or some skills to add to your resume. You may like to gain experience in running projects, attracting leads, contacting media, and local businesses or you may just be wishing to connect with local networks and join others like-minded people.
  • Would you like to be rewarded for helping more people grow healthier and happier?
  • Do you want give your current business a boost?
  • Would you like to work with us on new interesting projects, to be trained and to optimize your marketing tools and business skills?


  • Opportunity to boost your career and to grow your business
  • Networking opportunities with members of the coaching community and with top coaches and/or professionals
  • Great referral rewards
  • Participate in our revenue sharing opportunity- paid monthly
  • Free ongoing training webinars
  • Unparalleled support from our staff to help you leverage your passion for coaching and people into extra income

What’s involved in being a local Ambassador?

  • Intensively recommend our coaching trainings (for individuals / corporate)
  • Organising workshop/s
  • Running a communication campaign (in conjunction with our staff) including sending and managing media releases, social media campaigns etc.
  • Spreading the word in your local community

How we will support you

  • Training you-initial comprehensive training provided
  • Managing online registrations, participant pre and post communication and registrations
  • Providing you with marketing material (graphics, flyers , e-invitation, press release, media list, business cards)
  • Providing materials and detailed information about the services