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No, franchises have a different structure our Licenses are designed more as a partnership than a Master/Slave relationship as with a Franchise. Our Licenses are tailor made to suit your ambitions in your territory.

Everything is on a case by case basis. The cost of the License is determined by the size of the territory, the demographics of the territory and the maturity of the market. It is important to bear in mind that buying and running a territory is a business commitment, and the cost of the License is just one part of the equation – it is vital that resources are made available for promotions and fundamental expenses such as a phone, office etc.

If you already have an established business we would co-brand with you as the Noble Manhattan name is a major business advantage. All materials would show our name and brand.

Yes, you would be the only Licence Holder in that territory. (City/Town/Region/Country). Any enquiries received by Noble Manhattan would sent on to you for servicing this adds to your sales pipeline. We have very inventive virtually free marketing methods that create a steady stream of sales enquiries.

Yes, in fact as the ‘Head’ of your Region you can find that your Coaching business grows as clients will want to talk to and work with the ‘Leader’ in that Region. This also helps you offset the cost of the Licence purchase.

No, we can provide these to help you secure sales in the initial stages. Also we can guide you on local funding options and explain how to secure these to secure more sales.

Over time, you and your team would be trained to deliver the Noble Manhattan materials, this increases your profit margin and we would support you every step of the way. Of course it is important for all of us that standards are maintained to keep our Brand as the market leader.

Yes, you can, in fact we would encourage this, as particularly if it is within the same territory (i.e. an additional state or region) the launch and learning curve would be quite small for you to start up and then develop a business. This again is something we would discuss with you and would form part of your 1-5 year business plan.

It is important for you to have finance available to purchase the Licence and to fund your fledgling business. When we have all agreed to work together and have contracted under Licence, you will receive a Pre-Training pack for you to become familiar with Noble Manhattan. This way when you, and your team, come to the full Licensee training, you already have information, knowledge and an understanding of how we operate. At the training we can then go into greater detail, based on this pre-Launch work.

At the moment, we run Licensee trainings every 12 weeks in or around London. We can quote for flying a training team to you. UK based trainings costs are included in the Licence fee for you and a certain number of your team. Trainings run in your Territory would be quoted on an individual basis.

A high speed reliable compute rwill full internet connection. Efficient telephone system, basic stationery and equipment such as scanner, copier etc. For meeting rooms, organisations such as Regus can assist, a Licence can, if necessary, be run from your home office, with Regus as a back up.

  • In essence, we are providing ‘Business in a Box’
  • We provide extensive services and backup starting from your application through to completion of the License.
  • As an example (and there are more) we provide:
  • Full admin and guidance from HQ via the internet
  • Print ready materials templates for you to produce brochures etc locally
  • Full documentation on all products and services
  • Ad hoc guidance including business advise
  • Full accounting/reporting templates
  • Pricing structures and funding resources
  • Supportive payment terms
  • Initial comprehensive training
  • Full sets of course materials
  • Access to all of our intellectual property
  • Full delivery on your behalf of the course

Very much so Gerard and all the team. In fact, the Licensees we already have found that before, during and after launching Gerard ‘flying in’ to do Introduction Days etc really kick starts the business. PR and sales can and have been related around such Events, which can be profitable. Over time, we are developing a central resource for all Licensees where ideas, resources etc can be shared this will create bigger and strong businesses and will be available to all Licensees.

Any and all of them this will be reflected in the cost of the License, however, you will generate more sales by having the full portfolio of Products/Services on your books. You would receive full training on all products/services prior to your Launch. We have a full Overview of all Products and Services and of course a comprehensive description is accessible via our website.

We find attitude is the most important factor certainly taking on a License is a very sales based exercise; we have the Products and Support you will contribute your drive, enthusiasm and resources. Alternatively, you may wish to appoint a Sales and Marketing Manager/Team and you may wish to ‘oversee’ operations.

This is something we design alongside you again, it depends on the size and demographics of the area, your ambitions etc we want to create a win all round, and as part of that, the targets illustrate how much profit you can make. By scoping out targets or sales, you can plan your business efficiently and ensure you become profitable as soon as possible.

We would review everything together. We make a big commitment to our Licensees and therefore we are keen to support, encourage and reward. We want to have success in each territory therefore we would study your business closely alongside you and explore what changes could be made to increase business. Obviously time and resources are put in from your side and these must be financially supported and planned in. Taking on a Licence is like buying a high street business it is a commitment and very exciting at the same time.

A Licence is a full time commitment, however with careful planning and support i.e. a Sales Manager, you might be able to work part time on the business, however as a minimum it is best to plan for at least 2 full time people, (this could be 1 full time, you part time and another part time). Again, we will guide you on this at the point of your Application.

In theory yes, in practice no. We have a careful screening process, and we want to welcome Licencees who are really in tune with our Values and Standards People who are passionate about Coaching and related services and in particular, passionate about Noble Manhattan.

For the moment yes, however, once you are established in your territory Noble Manhattan will work with you to help you to translate materials and train local trainers to deliver the work. In the early stages you will find that fluent English is essential. Migration to local language would be planned with you.