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Of all the companies in the world (outside North America) that train men and women to be magnificent life and executive coaches Noble Manhattan are the longest established. We have been established since 1993, and have been training great coaches since 1998.

As the world’s largest international coach training organisation- Noble Manhattan Coaching have – in excess of 18 completely separate coach training programmes currently being delivered in 27 countries in many different languages- Noble Manhattan Coaching deliver all of its many worldwide programs through highly qualified Licensed Distributor Partners.

Head Office
We have a very dedicated team based in our Head Office in Weymouth, Dorset, England – the engine room of the business. But in addition to this we have a vast infrastructure of people working around the world. These include trainers, mentor coaches, coach supervisors, assessors, markers, support group leaders, divisional heads and licensed partners.

Today we are honoured to have trained well in excess of 9000 men and women in 27 countries around the world. We have offices in Warsaw, Bucharest, Istanbul, Sofia and Atlanta-USA, with regional representation in many other countries.

Gerard O’Donovan, Founder and CEO of Noble Manhattan was appointed the first President of the International Institute of Coaching (IIC) and today he holds a key position with the IIC, which enables him to take a global perspective on the Coaching Industry.

Qualifications and Accreditation
Our courses currently carry the highest qualifications available. What that means is, having done one professional coaching course our students are entitled to receive up to four internationally recognised qualifications or endorsements

Certificate or Diploma from Noble Manhattan Coaching
Certification from the IIC (International Institute of Coaching)
Endorsement from the ILM ( Institute of Leadership and Management)
Endorsement from CMI ( Charter Management Institute)
NMC Specialist Divisions
The Noble Manhattan Group ( NMG ) has many divisions within our organisation completely dedicated to helping our coaches and students build business and generate an attractive income. the products and services of many of these divisions are available to our Licensed Partners and provide amazing additional revenue streams.

  1. ICN International Coaching News – the worlds largest coaching publication-currently going to 24,000 subscribers in 21 countries
  2. The Alpha Group – working with owner managers of SME’s worldwide
  3. Coaching Support Groups – a worldwide network of regular groups that meet on a monthly basis in 50 cities around the world http://www.coaching-support.com/
  4. Westminster Indemnity – the worlds largest niche provider of professional indemnity and liability products to the professional and personal development world trading in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, The United States http://westminster-indemnity.net/wi/index.php
  5. Boardroom Coaching – working with large organisations worldwide training their managers and leaders http://www.boardroom-coaching.com/
  6. C R I Coach Radio International – the worlds leading online platform to provide radio stations to the coaching and personal development world http://coachradiointernational.com/
  7. Business for Coaches – an online lead generation and education programme for coaches worldwide- http://www.businessforcoaches.com/main.php
  8. Colour Coaching – a leading initiative helping coaches and clients with confidence, style and colour http://www.colour-coaching.com
  9. Coaching Tools and Products – an online resource for people to purchase the tools, products and services they need http://www.coaching-tools.net
  10. Meaningful Change Weight Loss – http://www.meaningful-change.co.uk
  11. Lead Generation – foucoaches and students to help them build a financially rewarding practice http://www.getcoachingleads.com

Linked to our charitable division, the Noble Foundation www.noble-foundation.com which has made a commitment to make a meaningful change in the world I challenge you to find any company quite like ours.


Gerard O’Donovan
Founder and CEO

For many, the up-front investment in a License or Franchise is placed firmly in the future;